Strong against weak? Powerful versus powerless? The typical mindset of evolution also governs our economy. But we have developed a different attitude to combine personal goals, desires and needs with visionary, courageous entrepreneurship: We are united by the knowledge of the power of common direction.

Weaknesses can be strengths and reversed. The important thing is that we all have a direction in mind and recognise the potential. Even in each of us. Therefore

We go. Together. We plan. Together. We struggle for solutions. Together. We can be wrong. We recognise it together. We learn from it. And move forward together. With joint strength.

We grow together through change

Die Geschäftsführer stehen gemeinsam auf der Dachterrasse in Dresden.
f.l.t.r. Dominik Bock, André Pinkert, Dirk Cosmar, Severin Taranko, Silvio Kilian

"Those who stand still are left behind, because the world keeps turning and with it markets, people and society. Change lies in the nature of things. And it's what drives us: that's why the queo group is owner-managed. We shareholders like to take things and responsibility into our own hands. It goes without saying that we are also active in individual companies within the group."

Our story


20 years of queo

A birthday is a good occasion to reinvent yourself. From now on, the queo group of companies is operating with 6 brands and over 200 employees. The former queo becomes queo next and queo valueTec.

Auf einer bronzenen Fläche steht das Signet für 20 Jahre queo in weiß.

queo keeps growing

By acquiring a stake in the digital agency +Pluswerk München AG (formerly Marit AG), queo is now also represented in southern Germany and Romania. With Admoderate, queo has gained additional UI/UX experts for visually driven landing pages and websites.

Ein Bild von München und eins von Cluj sind schräg aneinander gefügt. Text im Bild: PWMUC x queo

Young and experienced experts

queo welcomes its first trainee class. From now on, it will also be joining forces with the Dresden experts for interactive exhibits from intolight.

Eine im dunkeln leuchtende Installation zeigt zwei in einander verschränkte Hände.

Corona & Co.

queo uses the pandemic for many innovations: Central services such as marketing, HR, finance and IT are outsourced to queo ventures as a solid foundation for the queo Group and further growth. Working from home becomes the new normal.

Nahaufnahme von zwei Frauenhänden, die einen Laptop in einen weißen Rucksack stecken.

Top 30

With a turnover of 8 million euros and over 100 employees, queo is one of the top 30 owner-managed agencies in Germany. In addition: Social Web macht Schule becomes a non-profit limited company.

Nahaufnahme. Text im Bild: queo 2017 28

From status quo to status queo 

This sentence finally puts into words the mindset we have felt for a long time. And also that queo is currently in a state of transition.

Sektgläser stehen auf einem Tresen. Im Hintergrund hängt ein schwarzes queo Logo an der Wand.

A new location: Berlin

The digital agency die_schnittsteller from Berlin are now part of the team. The merger process will be a complete success and finalised in 2020.

Luftaufnahme von Berlin mit dem Fernsehturm im Vordergrund.

Jitz au in de Schwiiz

With Silvio Kilian, Procunia joins queo. We are also venturing into the Swiss market by acquiring a stake in Inversum GmbH and renaming it queo swiss AG. After 12 years together, our co-founder Rüdiger Henke unfortunately leaves us.

Eine schweizer Fahne weht an einem Mast. Die Sonne scheint und der Himmel ist  blau.

queoflow & queospark

The market is changing and queo is changing with it. The two brands queoflow and queospark make the agency and software services more tangible.

Visitenkarten von queoflow und queospark liegen aufgefächert auf einem Holztisch.

Setting the course

There are now more than 50 queos. Such growth requires the introduction of a second management level in order to get ready for the future.

Nahaufnahme eines Aktenordners mit der Beschriftung Wwertvoll führen" Unternehmensführung.

Social Web macht Schule

queo launches its CSR mission against cyberbullying, grooming, etc. From now on, specialised queo knowledge will be available to teachers, parents and students to make them strong in the digital world.

Illustration des Maskotchens von Social Web macht Schule. Der Mobbingmops schau grimmig ins Bild.

Character, talent and passion

Equipped with these three values and a new brand image, queo manages the move to the larger office in just one day. The ongoing financial crisis gives reason to expand our customer segment beyond the financial sector. Dominik Bock, who later becomes a partner, comes on board this year.

Auf einem Buch steht eine Kaffeetasse mit dem queo Logo.

Being a global frontrunner once

Business cards with a difference - as multimedia presentations on CDs. queo is very popular and is the world market leader in an - albeit small - niche.

Nahaufnahme einer CD. daraf steht: Aurora Griff.

Four founders - one idea

André Pinkert, Dirk Cosmar, Severin Taranko and Rüdiger Henke say: "I can", or "queo" for short, and found their own agency. A good start that is to be followed by steep growth.

Nahaufnahme von ausgedruckten Präsentationsunterlagen. Text: Agentur für neue Medien"

Contact the queo group

Potrait von Dominik Bock. Er sitzt vor einem schwarzen Laptop und schaut in die Kamera.
Dominik Bock
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