The queo group: 6 brands, one path

This is the first time that the queo group has been the source of a news article. We are raising the curtain here today: for 6 brands, for 6 locations, for a passionate team of over 200 queos.

You know queo. Now queo is the queo group. We have reorganised ourselves and would like to share with you a development that makes us extremely proud. This is what has happened: queo has continued to grow. We have compiled some insights into our history here to go along with our 20th birthday. With becoming more and more people, brands and market shares, at some point the question arises: How do we take position for the future?

Hello, queo group

Good questions demand solid answers. We haven't taken anything for granted; we've gone through many processes, and today we can say: From now on, the queo group is operating with 6 brands.

In addition to Admoderate, intolight, Procunia and our CSR favourite Social Web macht Schule, there are two new brands: queo next comprises our agency services and queo valueTec represents our expertise in custom software. We have been working internally in this division for some time. It’s common sense to also externally communicate our focus on different segments now.

queo next

To improve communication, understanding your focus is essential. queo next, our agency focal point, merges customer journey and technology. It creates dynamism. It triggers changes in brands and markets.

queo valueTec

Good software satisfies demand and creates resources. A value creation drive that is essential for us. At queo valueTec, it is cleverly translated: with customer-centred solutions.


After many years of working together, we no longer wanted to do without intolight when it comes to interactive installations. So we have joined our forces and the specialised knowledge will not remain a niche.


Procunia supports us in numerous process topics. In turn, we support Procunia with the group's services from HR to IT.

Social Web macht Schule

Social Web macht Schule is committed to promoting the safe and responsible use of digital media throughout Saxony. It has since become a non-profit GmbH. 


Admoderate is an integral part of the group. The team acts fast and agile serving as a creative task force for digital projects in the SME sector.

Excited to get to know us

Throughout our anniversary year, our changes will become more visible to the outside as well. The queo group will soon have its own website, which we are already looking forward to. As are queo next and queo valueTec. And there will also be other changes to our communication and topics. We don't want to give too much away yet and will keep reporting here and elsewhere. Stay tuned.

All about 20 years of queo 

„Even after 20 years, queo still has the courage to initiate necessary changes and open up new markets, which I find admirable.“

André Richter

queo next


„queo has always been a place where exciting opportunities open up and great things become possible.“

Severin Taranko

queo next

On the move

"Admo and queo have enjoyed a strong partnership for many years. We are proud to be part of the group."

David Färber
Bad Liebenstein

„May the future continue to be shaped by respect, team spirit and the power of change.“

Stefan Bauer

queo München AG


„queo was a decision I've never regretted.“

Matthes Winkler

queo valueTec


If you have any questions about our reorganisation, I will be happy to answer.

André Pinkert
Co-founder and head of queo next
+49 351 21 30 38