Successful rise in A&V's "BIG 50" agency ranking 

Once again, W&V, together with HORIZONT and GWA, determined the highest-turnover owner-managed agencies in Germany. queo secured 19th place, thus making the top 20.

"We have managed to take the taint of disaster away from the crisis and turned it into a productive state that has made queo even stronger."


(André Pinkert, Managing Director queo)

The Corona pandemic dealt a heavy blow to the country and the agency sector. Revenues dropped and many jobs were relocated to home offices. Nonetheless, queo has coped well in the face of the crisis and has even progressed. So much so that (after a voluntary break in 2020) we are now back in the BIG 50 ranking, specifically on place 19, which means up by 9 places from place 28 in 2019. Looking back at 2020, there are three things that made this success possible.

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Adaptability and resilience

Our employees have adapted and were ready to deal with the crisis. They quickly figured out how to work in self-organized teams in the mixed and remote office environment. To maintain team cohesion despite social distancing, we organize digital events such as quiz nights or team meetings to keep in touch. We are resilient enough to withstand the crisis.

Stability and agile strategy

At the organisational level, queo has also undergone significant changes.

It was critical to strike a balance between change and stability in order to be successful. In particular, our agile strategy process, which we introduced in 2019, was of great help to us. We compare our long-term goals to the the present conditions at strategy meetings every 10 weeks. This enables us to react quickly to developments that do not go according to plan. It allowed us to make the previously unthinkable transition to a mixed office environment. We’ve also consistently pursued previously established paths, such as the expansion of the queo xr division.

Trustful and strong relationships

We can rely on each other in times of crisis. The strong customer relationships that we have already built up will carry us through the pandemic. Similarly, our employees work with one another in a spirit of trust. Overall, we’re seeing how the crisis has enhanced confidence, and we’re excited to continue building on it.

In addition, we were able to welcome 40 new queos in 2020, using digital onboarding and application processes, including 22 permanent employees and 18 trainees and working students, who have made a significant contribution to our success.