Surveys and Questionnaires

We conduct surveys and interviews to gather information for the survey purpose communicated in each case. The surveys and questionnaires ("surveys") carried out by us are evaluated anonymously. Personal data is only processed insofar as this is necessary for the provision and technical execution of the survey (e.g. processing the IP address to display the survey in the user's browser or to enable a resumption of the survey with the aid of a cookie).

  • Processed data types: Inventory data (For example, the full name, residential address, contact information, customer number, etc.); Contact data (e.g. postal and email addresses or phone numbers); Content data (e.g. textual or pictorial messages and contributions, as well as information pertaining to them, such as details of authorship or the time of creation.). Usage data (e.g. page views and duration of visit, click paths, intensity and frequency of use, types of devices and operating systems used, interactions with content and features).
  • Data subjects: Participants.
  • Purposes of processing: Feedback (e.g. collecting feedback via online form). Polls and Questionnaires (e.g. surveys with input options, multiple choice questions).
  • Retention and deletion: Deletion in accordance with the information provided in the section "General Information on Data Retention and Deletion".
  • Legal Basis: Legitimate Interests (Article 6 (1) (f) GDPR).

Further information on processing methods, procedures and services used: