Cloud Services

We use Internet-accessible software services (so-called "cloud services", also referred to as "Software as a Service") provided on the servers of its providers for the storage and management of content (e.g. document storage and management, exchange of documents, content and information with certain recipients or publication of content and information).

Within this framework, personal data may be processed and stored on the provider's servers insofar as this data is part of communication processes with us or is otherwise processed by us in accordance with this privacy policy. This data may include in particular master data and contact data of data subjects, data on processes, contracts, other proceedings and their contents. Cloud service providers also process usage data and metadata that they use for security and service optimization purposes.

If we use cloud services to provide documents and content to other users or publicly accessible websites, forms, etc., providers may store cookies on users' devices for web analysis or to remember user settings (e.g. in the case of media control).

  • Processed data types: Inventory data (For example, the full name, residential address, contact information, customer number, etc.); Contact data (e.g. postal and email addresses or phone numbers); Content data (e.g. textual or pictorial messages and contributions, as well as information pertaining to them, such as details of authorship or the time of creation.); Usage data (e.g. page views and duration of visit, click paths, intensity and frequency of use, types of devices and operating systems used, interactions with content and features); Images and/ or video recordings (e.g. photographs or video recordings of a person). Meta, communication and process data (e.g. IP addresses, timestamps, identification numbers, involved parties).
  • Data subjects: Prospective customers; Communication partner (Recipients of e-mails, letters, etc.); Business and contractual partners. Users (e.g. website visitors, users of online services).
  • Purposes of processing: Office and organisational procedures; Information technology infrastructure (Operation and provision of information systems and technical devices, such as computers, servers, etc.).); Provision of contractual services and fulfillment of contractual obligations; Communication. Provision of our online services and usability.
  • Retention and deletion: Deletion in accordance with the information provided in the section "General Information on Data Retention and Deletion".
  • Legal Basis: Legitimate Interests (Article 6 (1) (f) GDPR).

Further information on processing methods, procedures and services used: