Is there a tool that combines sales and marketing? The marketing information system MIS _ HanseYachts

Our challenge for HanseYachts was to create a platform for all sales and marketing matters.

It needed to benefit all target groups – customers, the media, international representatives … So we asked ourselves: What connected all these people? It’s the yachts’ life cycle. We thus designed software following the yachts’ life cycle, with scalable architecture. After all, new yachts, brands and markets are always emerging.


Software for a yacht’s life cycle

The MIS combines all sales and marketing processes, such as:

  • Initial familiarisation with yacht via brand website
  • Contact channels between customers and HanseYachts (e.g. ordering brochures via the KIS and customised yacht configurator)
  • Processing sales leads from the retailers in the MIS, with standardised information, image material and online bid process
  • Documenting the purchase, including warranty issues and after-sales services

Our MIS services:

  • Designing and implementing a flexible, scalable software architecture
  • Friction-free data migration from various old systems into one joint solution
  • Service infrastructure (REST API) for bidirectional exchanging of information and media between brand websites (CMS TYPO3) and the MIS
  • For the last 11 years: Operation, support, quality assurance and constant further development while simultaneously maintaining productive use of the entire system

Product managers, retailers, editors, investors, customers and the media all operate actively in the MIS. Depending on their access, they either create and update data, or retrieve it. On the same, consistent platform, no matter the issue.

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André Pinkert

André Pinkert
Managing Director


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