How can a machine end up being a measure of all things? Product campaign _ Koenig & Bauer

Our answer is an impressive campaign for half-format printing presses. It takes audiences along for the journey, immersing them in a world of engineering, skilled manual work, and nanotech design – all the things that make a Rapida akin to a Swiss watch. A technical marvel that makes customer requirements the measure of all things. Built for Your Needs.

Our services for the product campaign:

  • Guiding principle and campaign concept
  • Creating all communication materials with campaign video, print ad, online banner and text ads, and microsite
  • All relevant event media, such as sales presentation, fact sheets and printed sheets

The “Built for Your Needs.” half-format campaign had order books filled within a very short space of time, and won a gold and silver German Stevie® Award.

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Karin Tautenhahn

Karin Tautenhahn


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