How does an Intranet become a lynchpin for an association’s work? Intranet _ Zentralverband Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe

The mission was to create a modern collaboration platform, including all 235 guilds, 14 regional associations and 36 brand associations.

We developed a modular TYPO3 system. It‘s a non-cloud-dependent solution that allows the association to keep all data. The platform enables associations to work from anywhere thanks to mobile access.

Our services for association-wide communication:

  • Enabling all members to be managed by name, association membership, and professional skills
  • Collecting, examining and filtering all important documents at one site
  • Enabling collaboration on committees or in working teams through
  • digital work groups
  • Creating opportunities for members to interact, e.g. discussion/exchange, organising meeting times etc.

The association-wide communication platform networks all participants. It makes the association’s work processes transparent, and significantly reduces email volume.

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André Richter

André Richter
Managing Director


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