Diakonie Görlitz-Hoyerswerda and Martinshof Rothenburg Diakoniewerk have joined to form Diakonie St. Martin. queo has developed and implemented a website relaunch and a corresponding communication campaign to support this merger.

For 120 years, both institutions have been providing social welfare work in Eastern Saxony and Southern Brandenburg. Since 2019, they operate as one under the new name Diakonie St. Martin. For this purpose, queo has created a website that focuses on people and their needs as users. Thus, Diakonie St. Martin is represented as a reliable and caring companion for people in various situations.

Empathy, amazement, support and assistance 

Empathy, amazement, support and assistance 

Provided by Diakonie St. Martin, for the people in the region.

“Empathising with somebody“ – the tiny preposition „with“ represents the notion of togetherness in the shortest form possible. Therefore, we made it the guiding motif of our campaign. This is the core of our new brand summed up. The website concept was consistently oriented towards both intuitive user guidance and ease of use for various target audiences. As a social service provider, Diakonie St. Martin offers assistance and support for people in various situations. On their website, this is reflected by entry pages sorted by topic. In addition, the most relevant information, such as contact data, service portfolio or application forms, can be found at a glance. The website utilises a module-based TYPO3 platform that is easy to maintain. We celebrated the milestone of its launch with Diakonie St. Martin at the end of June in 2019.

For the subsequent two-week image campaign, we developed a cross-media concept with the target of making Diakonie St. Martin known in its entire sphere of relevance. Furthermore, we emphasised the care of the elderly as its particular core service. For this purpose, we merged the “with”-motif with authentic imagery to compile emotional communication material. We relied on powerful advertising media, such as billboard posters and a radio spot. Moreover, we addressed target audiences directly using print and online ads. Through our media mix and campaign motifs, we raised public awareness and made the new social brand more familiar in the entire region.

Together with Diakonie St. Martin, we are proud of the results achieved. Through the idea of enhanced social togetherness, their online presence is now modern and clear. Both worlds of the formerly independent social welfare work institutions are now neatly combined – to strengthen togetherness in the region.