Two campaigns for AOK Sachsen-Anhalt earn highest awards in three categories.

Together with AOK Sachsen-Anhalt, we won gold in the categories "Marketing Campaign of the Year – Health", "PR Campaign of the Year" and "Youth Marketing Campaign of the Year". Our prevention campaign tackling the topic of heart-related health and our recruiting campaign for trainees were also awarded.

"As it happenes, one of our screenings revealed severe heart-related problems in one person previously unaware of them. So our campaign has at least saved this one person's life so far."

Johannes Kelle, staff member 
Marketing AOK Sachsen-Anhalt


The prevention campaign "Your heart and You" has been ranked first place in two categories. Through a series of events and an online campaign, it drew attention to the topic – particularly among people who are not (yet) affected. After all, they live in the German federal state with the highest risk for cardiac diseases and can take action themselves. Thus, the motivational quote "You are the primary guardian of your heart." became the key component of the campaign. The broad range of content and formats to be experienced also included heart screenings.


Golden Stevie for trainee campaign

A further award went to our campaign for attracting new trainees. Its appealing messages resulted in a higher number of applicants than ever before – and thus, a very pleased HR department. The background of the challenge: The job title "Social Insurance Clerk (m/f/d)" sounds a little outdated and dusty. At the same time, this occupational profile represents the most frequent one at AOK. No health insurance system without social insurance clerks. Consequently, decreasing application numbers, especially among qualified applicants, present a very real problem. To make matters even worse, competing health insurance providers are now simultaneously advertising with increased intensity. Thanks to targeted content and accurate media planning, the right applicants for AOK have been found.

Together with AOK Sachsen-Anhalt, we won three awards at the awards ceremony on 3rd May 2019 in Munich.