Microsoft awards competencies to companies that offer high-quality solutions in a special business area and meet the high requirements. After successful qualification, queo has achieved the Silver Competency status in the area of "application development" in Germany and Switzerland.

This status demonstrates the expertise in Microsoft technologies such as the programming language C #, the frameworks ASP.NET, .NET and the open source .NET Core. With this, queo has risen one level further in the Partner Network. In the future, we will be able to access a broader range of marketing and support services in the network. We are very happy about what we have achieved. With this status in the Microsoft Partner Program, we will be able to demonstrate our extensive software development skills, including Microsoft technologies, to new clients.

Being listed in the Microsoft Partner Network with a Silver Competency status, we also strengthen our visibility. In addition, suitable inquiries and challenging projects are now being assigned to us directly. Our existing customers also benefit from this competency, because we now have even better and more direct access to Microsoft. With better access to the Microsoft network, we can also place our extensive project and service portfolio with the specialist audience.

The Silver Competency is a great success.

This is the first milestone. The next one is the Gold status.

The status achieved is an important step for us. It opens the door to an exciting specialist group of other qualified companies. At the same time, it encourages us to focus on our next goal: The Gold status.

With the Silver Competency status, we have set a milestone and can now officially prove our longstanding Microsoft competence. Now, together, we are looking forward to the next goal: The Gold Competency status in the area of “application Development”.