With our 2019 campaign film for Koenig & Bauer, we answered the question "How does the importance of a printing machine manufacturer become tangible?". In 2020, with the image clip "Seepferdchen" for AOK Sachsen-Anhalt, we went on to explore the question "How does a health insurance company become a life companion?". The lasting persuasiveness of our image campaigns have been recognized by the jury of the international Digitial Communication Awards 2021, who declared us SILVER WINNER in the "Film and Video" category with the Koenig-and-Bauer campaign. In the “Short Clip” section, we secured third place with the “Seahorse” clip.

The Digital Communication Awards (DCA) have been rewarded since 2011. Agencies and companies all over the world can apply. Organized by Quadriga University in Berlin, the DCA represents an international cross-section of the creative and marketing industries. The goal is to find the most compelling, touching campaigns of the time. Local context is not enough to persuade in submitted campaigns. Rather, their content must remain understandable in a global context.

Touching stories with internationally relevant content: This is what made our campaign films for Koenig & Bauer and the AOK Sachsen-Anhalt a success.

“We are present wherever people are touched.” That’s the message of the Koenig & Bauer campaign film we created. Even though Bill Gates predicted the death of print at the turn of the millennium, print products still create experiences. To this day. It is them who bring content, products and stories to life. Much more: Print media make them tangible. Printed matter establishes a link between one person's ideas and the person who holds it in their hands.

This is particularly important during a pademic when human contact appears to be impossible. Print doesn’t just create connections. In times of physical distance, print can also create haptic bridges. We are incredibly proud to be SILVER WINNER in the “Film and Video” category! 

Print and touching stories can move you. Both campaigns reflect our global desires for closeness and health, especially in these times.

It is a common misconception that health insurance companies just serve as a fund for the sick. And, honestly, when in good health, we prefer to focus on other things. This is exactly what our image clip for AOK Sachsen-Anhalt addresses, saying "We are there when you need us. And you don't have to be sick for that."

Our “Seahorse” film illustrates this with emotional storytelling: A child and his grandmother are happily getting ready to go to the swimming pool. A lifeguard enters the changing room. As an examiner for the seahorse, he picks them up. And then comes the test. Against all odds, it is not the child who is about to take the test. It is his grandmother who will be the one to swim the laps. With the support of AOK Sachsen-Anhalt.

Our emotional image clip won double silver at the beginning of the year. As well as the title "Spot of the Year" by the Healthcare Marketing magazine. We are pleased to have achieved third place in “Short Clip” category at the DCA!