In the research project SaSCh queo works with a team of experts as a consortium leader. The aim is to create production network and supply chains using digital services to enable process control.

SaSCh is part of the technology program PAiCE promoted by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) The content of the project is also supervised by the German Aerospace Center in Cologne. With BIBA, BLG Industrielogistik, GS1 Germany and Robert Bosch GmbH we design production network and supply processes.

We have been working on complete software development for the collection of production and logistics data since 2016. The collected data is then distributed to industrial companies. Various services can be provided with this digital data. 

Proactive, reactive and strategic services are tested to prevent problems in ongoing processes. By doing so, we can reduce or even avoid efforts to rectify process errors and quality defects and ensure smooth processes.

The recorded sensor data is stored on SaSCh cloud. From there, the data is distributed to authorized client applications. With the processed results data, the technical experts can continue to work efficiently.

In 2019, we presented the results of our research project. 

When we present our research results, we present the current status of our cyber-physical system. We collect all data relevant to the process control of the entire supply chain of auto parts. We use this sample process to check our software thoroughly.

Setting this example as a starting point, we can continue working on our software. It will respond to the individual production, supply chains and requirements of different industries. This is where our very personal interest in the project is based. We are especially interested in supporting small and medium-sized businesses in order to monitor their processes efficiently. Our software is designed to identify avoidable problems early in the process in order to save expensive repair costs.

The research project has now been successfully completed. Further information can be found in the press release.