"You decide yourself!" This motto is the driving force behind queo’s transformation of the workplace. A notion that scares many companies. But for us, it is an encouragement.

We believe that the change in the world of work makes us stronger. Even more, we want to be an active part of it. The Coronavirus pandemic has acted as a magnifying glass in this respect, allowing us to grow our New Work ideas.

Even before the Coronavirus, we were aware that we were working with one another faster, more agile and across locations. That the demands and needs of employees are changing and that we have to find new answers to old questions.

However, during the mandatory home office phase of the first lockdown in 2020, we took a closer look and comprehensively surveyed our colleagues. We arrived at the following conclusion: Even after the Coronavirus, many employees at queo want to continue to work flexibly or entirely from home.

This gave birth to the idea of a major restructuring. Since the start of 2021, home office and our location's workplaces have been two equally recognised and accepted work locations. Employees at queo have the freedom to choose between them, and in the future, they will work in mixed office environments.

But what should this new form of "working together" feel like? What else do we have to learn? In what do we still have to gain experience?

In the german film, eight of our colleagues explain our "Mission Statement for the New World of Work".

Do you also want to become a queo? Check out our current openings or let us know in a speculative application why we need to get to know each other. We look forward to talking to you!