Change is in our brand DNA. Change means future. But change always means uncertainty, too. Especially when it's as serious as it has been in recent months during the Coronvirus crisis. In the long term, it remains to be seen how significantly the spheres of activity for brands, markets, everyday life and business have changed in the last few weeks. Nonetheless, marketing decision-makers must set a course for an uncertain future.

Together with our industry partners, we have created a stage for the question: “How do you invest right now, given the new reality’s immense dynamism and an uncertain future?”

Six experts discussed this in the MOMENTUM digital talk format, addressing various points of view and exchanging innovative approaches. 

Let's watch the #MOMENTUM-Talk

Our previous brand expert and strategy consultant Jan Drechsler from our creative agency queo/communication has also written a whitepaper. His motto is, “If you want to invest in marketing, do so during a recession!”

What makes him so sure? Past crises. This conclusion is based on scientific data analysis and subsequent reflections on the current situation. Everything is compiled in our whitepaper, which you can download for free.

Whitepaper: Marketing in Times of Recession

German Version