The AOK Sachsen-Anhalt image film, produced by queo, has been awarded a silver award by the specialist magazine Healthcare Marketing for the second time. The spot designed by us and implemented by ravir has already been named “Spot of the Month” by the jury in April 2020. Now it has also been named the “Spot of the Year” (2020).

In the touching film, a grandmother takes her very excited grandson to a seahorse swimming test. The twist is that it is not the grandson who was to be tested but his grandmother.

The message is “It’s never too late for change”. AOK Sachsen-Anhalt accompanies its members in the small and large changes in all phases of life. The film was shown both online and in cinemas as part of a large-scale campaign.

The production of the film was not without its challenges. Although the colour palette used in the video creates a summery impression, the weather on the shooting date was rather autumnally cool. Not really the weather for swimming. To prevent the actors from catching a cold while filming for the health insurance company, they were provided with warm blankets and tea between takes.

The background to the image campaign is the strategic realignment of the AOK Sachsen Anhalt, with which the health insurance company wants to assert itself as a service leader in its federal state. To that end, a new communication strategy was created, as well as a new visual language and tone. Online, the focus is increasingly placed on content marketing and a central communication platform (, which was also developed by queo.