Over the past two years, the SEO, UX, Technology and Content departments have worked hand in hand to develop and implement a new concept for the aok.de. portal. The successful relaunch has now proven: The private customer portal has been made faster, more user-friendly and more visible, and is now above all state-of-the-art technology.

For the new technical infrastructure, TYPO3 was chosen as the headless CMS. The Static Site Generator Gatsby ensures outstanding performance and fast loading times. User experience and SEO ranking could be improved decidedly. In concrete terms, this means for private customers: uncomplicated topic search on the barrier-free website, which functions optimally on all end devices, expanded contact channels such as modernized chat communication, and improved digital tools, including the premium calculator.

One challenge was the CD change of the AOK, which could be implemented during the ongoing project. Practiced agility was the key for the large-scale project.

In cooperation with partners such as trafficmaxx, Experience One, BAUERSERVICEPLAN, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions and Digitas Pixelpark this project joins a large number of successful projects with the AOK Bundesverband and the 11 AOKs.

„After two years of outstanding team effort, we were able to roll out the new aok.de as a technical service provider. We are extremely delighted to have created a state-of-the-art website in the new AOK CD using the latest web technologies such as headless CMS and static site generators. This meets the highest demands of our customer AOK on a modern website with user-friendly UX, barrier-free access and fast performance.“

Stefan Grießmann, Project Manager queo