In 2021, it was not only the pandemic that concerned us. The news was dominated by many other topics that moved us for many different reasons. 
Social commitment has long been an important factor for queo. Whether we support local institutions with manual labor or successful fundraising campaigns within our teams, we are aware of our responsibilities. 

We want to continue doing good on your behalf. Therefore, we will support various charity organizations this Christmas. Every single one of them, each in their own way, contributes to making the world a better place. Until January 7th, 2022 you can vote here between the following four organizations:

Journalism for Society


CORRECTIV is an independent research center in Germany that stands for independent journalism. Facts and objective reporting are a cornerstone of modern democracy and enable people to make informed decisions. With their research, the people at CORRECTIV put important questions up for public debate. In addition, they offer seminars and projects in which young people and interested parties can acquire and develop media expertise. 

Your donation will support CORRECTIV's efforts and enable them to fulfill the educational mandate they have set themselves.

Protecting the Rainforest from Fires


The tropical forest foundation OroVerde was able to buy the Naranjitos rain forest some years ago. Now they need to preserve this important refuge for endangered species. To do this, they monitor the area from the air via helicopter patrols, to detect intruders and other potential problems, they install cameras to keep track of the animal population and many other things.

Your donation finances fire workshops for rangers and locals, in which they learn to prevent and contain forest fires.

Providing Warm Meals for Children


Humanium supports people through various aid projects all over the world. The project that we will be supporting enables school canteens in Madagascar to provide students with a warm and nutritious meal. In addition, they use donations to subsidize school costs for these children, which relieves the financial burden on families and allows children to stay in school. Humanium thus combines the joy of learning with a warm meal, which contributes to the children's physical and intellectual development. 

Your donation supports the organization in providing hot meals to 705 children in Madagascar.

Develop Media Skills

Social Web macht Schule

The internet is no longer uncharted territory, but it can be a difficult and confusing environment, especially for young users. As a company that mainly works in the online world, it is extremely important to queo that the Internet be as secure as possible for all users. This is precisely where "Social Web macht Schule", a project which was founded by queo in 2011, comes into play: SWmS does important educational work with students, parents, and teachers, enabling young people to recognize and to deal with fake news and cyberbullying and promoting their media skills. 

With your donation, you enable "Social Media macht Schule" to fulfill this important educational mission.

How does it work? Just follow the button below and vote for your favorite organization. After a set period of time, we will count the votes and transfer the collected amounts. Any remaining donation budget that has not been voted on will be divided equally between all four organizations. 

Thank you very much for your participation. On that note, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays with your loved ones.