Bankhaus Metzler, with a tradition going back 340 years, had more than 4 global websites.

The relaunch was able to bring both aspects – tradition and modern service – together.

Our services for the website relaunch:

  • Workshops with all relevant parties, addressing requirements and structure
  • Reaching an agreement on the digital and visual image of the Bankhaus Metzler brand
  • Devising a navigation and content blueprint, establishing content modules based on this
  • Developing the screen design
  • Deciding on an open-source CMS, follow by the technical implementation
  • Integrating this into the existing IT infrastructure, taking into account the strict regulations of the finance industry
  • Establishing multi-stage approval workflows in the editing process

Since the relaunch, Bankhaus Metzler‘s online presence has now also been able to uniformly convey the notion of tradition and modernity.

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