26 million insured parties use aok.de, where 11 regional associations provide their own, varied, regional content. The relaunch saw the creation of a user-friendly portal, which provides information in a more focused, user-centred manner than ever before. The portal is based on a TYPO3 system tailored to AOK and its regional particularities, and pools recurring functions and data for the individual associations via central services.

We took charge of full technical implementation, from architecture design to rollout, and have been looking after the aok.de portal ever since as a technical service provider.

Websiteportal aok.de

Our services for aok.de:

  • Designing a technical architecture focusing on security, performance, easy maintenance, and flexibility
  • Reducing the over 700 existing tools to 15 flexible core applications
  • Providing central services that can be used right across the portal
  • Implementing a metadata-based content pool with AOK-specific functions and workflows
  • Adapting content according to region
  • Establishing a collaboration platform for currently 500 users

Users named aok.de the most popular website of the year in 2016.
We remain in charge of the portal to this day, and are constantly developing it further.

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Dirk Cosmar 
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