The tone and approach used online is different to that applied offline, which is why we start out with a customer-briefing challenge. We assess the following: 

Does the creative concept fit with the planned online marketing?
What are the behaviours and interests of the various, often 4-5 different target audiences?
Are the texts and visuals online even effective?

Our work is translated to the online sphere using the findings from the challenge. They are incorporated into a matrix showing all parameters – products, target audiences and regions - and we then co-ordinate parallel campaigns on this basis. As such, we synchronise advertising and targeting approaches within the channels, and ensure each individual campaign achieves its objectives. We make prompt adjustments and adaptations, and devise the ROI, based on ongoing measurements.

Our services for online marketing:

  • Complete media strategy, with marketing solutions, adaptation, and tailoring to target audiences
  • Creating online banners and text ads
  • Measuring efficiency and effectiveness, reporting and analysis with recommendations for the future

Our matrix now encompasses knowledge and experiences that serve as the basis for every LLB campaign. It is a learning system that is constantly expanding, and already supports over 60 campaigns.

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