DThe healthcare system is a complicated, often opaque landscape with numerous offers and points of contact. With the expansion of the health navigator, the AOK Federal Association is creating more transparency. The credo is: easily understandable, always up-to-date results for AOK policyholders and anyone interested.

The Navigator expansion is based on an architecture of over 40 automatically delivered data sources. For this purpose, we developed a complex automation and normalization process that provides the data for the search. The core of our further development is a powerful and resilient search function. We upgraded the semantics functionality and added fuzzy search capabilities. Technical terms and everyday language (e.g., the sniffles) are now equally recognized. And direct insured and interested parties to the appropriate contact points.

With the new health navigator, we are creating a free, independent tool. For the direct search for hospitals, midwives and doctors.

Our service for the Federal Association:

  • Technical concept for data acquisition, provision and search as a central service for the AOK community
  • Design and implementation of an ETL process (Extract-Transform-Load) for the acceptance, normalization and provision of data from over 40 sources
  • Entwurf und Umsetzung eines ETL-Prozesses (Extract-Transform-Load) zur Annahme, Normalisierung und Bereitstellung von Daten aus über 40 Quellen
  • Frontend implementation of an on-site search with complex mappings in the private portal of the AOK community (e.g., lay terms for medical diagnoses, fuzzy searches and semantics)
  • Output of region-specific services matching the search query
  • Maintenance backend for service providers and AOK employees to update relevant data records

“With great commitment, queo has translated the technical complexity into high-performance web structures. Together we provide direction in the health world. For more than 27 million AOK policyholders. And countless interested people. “

Dr. Sonja Milde (AOK)

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