As an international sporting goods manufacturer, Dynafit focuses on light clothing, shoes and equipment for ski touring and trail running, among other things. “DNA” is the name of the trail running summer collection 2021, which contains a women's and a men's collection. As the supervising agency, we were entrusted with staging the product range. 

Our joint answer: A fast and dynamic landing page can build a bigger, more perceivable and product-fitting stage, thus outreaching a sole classic web shop with its rigid modularity.

We created a strong and target group-appropriate visualization for the collection and its individual products outside of the existing system. The collection is presented in close to the people who are meant to wear it on a separate landing page: Dynamic, powerful and interactive. It enables the exploratory discovery of product highlights and provides convincing details. All while maintaining the interface to the webshop, for a simple checkout process. 

Our service for Dynafit:

  • Design concept/UX/scrollytelling and implementation of a multilingual landing page with an adaptation of the existing collection design and visuals of the customer
  • Equal representation of the collection items and the option to display only one of the variants individually
  • Responsive screen design with customized user experience (swipe function between men’s and women’s collections)
  • advice and integration of the microsite into the webshop interface and into the customer’s general marketing strategy
  • SEO optimization of the microsite

Our dynamic microsite gives the "DNA" collection a visually expressive plattform without losing its connection to the web shop. 

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