Bankhaus Metzler is Germany’s oldest private bank and strives to offer its customers a modern and contemporary service. To this end, the long-established company is pursuing a resolute digitization strategy. In this context, we were already able to accompany the successful relaunches of the websites and .

We have since completed another joint digital project: the Metzler Private Banking Postbox. In close cooperation, we developed an online portal for quick and personal correspondence with customer service representatives across all devices. The product combines intuitive operation and navigation, a clear presentation of complex information, a powerful search function and easy tracking of communication into a no-fuss user experience. It also offers up-to-date information on investment strategies, portfolio reports and interactive charts for developing individual portfolios. 

This way, the Metzler Private Banking Postbox lets you keep an up-to-date, detailed overview of your finances and investment strategies, regardless of where you are. All in compliance with applicable financial sector regulations. 

Our services for Bankhaus Metzler:

  • Concept and screen design for the portal 
  • Up-to-date and target group-specific visualization of the asset overview through explorative representations and interactive charts
  • Possibility of use across all end devices 
  • Technical development of the frontend, including the connection to the backend services provided by the customer
  • Compliance with strict financial regulations and the highest security standards
  • Use of Java, Angular, TypeScript

With the Metzler Private Banking Postbox, a user-friendly and sustainable online platform was created that meets the high demands of the bank’s customers.

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